The 8 Most Irritating Types of Gadget Owners

We’ve all met them: those people who butcher the use of sweet, sweet technology in such a way that you wish they’d be devoured by a hundred angry wildebeests. Here are 8 of the worst:

1. Bluetooth Warrior

We all know this guy: the power-douche who struts around with the earpiece in at all times, fist-bumping everybody in sight, and in complete denial of his mid-life crisis. You’re not the terminator, man. Calm down!

2. Headphone “Ignorer” Jones

I’m as big a fan of iPhone’s sweet earbuds as the next person, but when walking around school, work, the city, or your own house is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, something’s gotta stop. The worst is when you try to talk to someone and they deliberately use the headphones as an excuse to ignore you. It makes you want to rip them out of their skull!

3. The Spoiled Chick

You know, the one who happens to own all the cool gadgets you could ever want, but seems content to put Hello Kitty rhinestones on them and use them for things like, hanging clothes? Yeah, that chick.

4. Super Tech Spec Guy

This guy’s especially irritating when he spouts off specs because he thinks it’s cool. But even the ignorant super tech spec guy will drive you up the wall.

5. Ten-Second Delay Man

And this is also why you shouldn’t text and drive, BTW.

6. The Human Tutorial

This is the guy who’s way too excited to realize you stopped caring hours ago.

7. Uses It Wrong, Refuses Help

I cringe every time I have to watch someone try to find the “/” key so they can type in a web address. For the love!

8. Parents

Man, they’re the worst. (10 points if you know the comic reference)

Who do you think is the Worst gadget owner?

The 8 Most Irritating Types of Gadget Owners
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