The 8 Most Irritating Types of Gadget Owners

We’ve all met them: those people who butcher the use of sweet, sweet technology in such a way that you wish they’d be devoured by a hundred angry wildebeests. Here are 8 of the worst: 1. Bluetooth Warrior We all know this guy: the power-douche who struts around with the earpiece in at all times, […]

8 High Tech Ways To Dump Your Girl/Boyfriend

Planning on dumping your dame (or dude) anytime soon? Make every future Valentine’s Day extra special for your ex by giving them the breakup memory that never goes away! Here are a few high tech ways to send your significant other the message. #1: PRINTABLE TOAST Burn your breakup message into toast, giving them both […]

6 Augmented Reality Gadgets We Want NOW

For decades movies like Terminator have been teasing us with glimpses of a future where augmented reality is ubiquitous. (Augmented reality, or AR, is when simulated imagery is superimposed over physical surroundings – like when the cyborg assassin sees a human, and the words “non-combatant” appear over the guy, so said cyborg knows not to […]

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